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Monday, May 02, 2005

Trek in Paper, May 2005

02/05/05 - The stable of shuttles is expanding all the time! Steve Marshall has followed up last month's Type 17 Shuttle with a similarly excellent offering in the form of the Shuttlepod as seen in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

Everybody seems to be getting their prototypes out before the end of the month!

On the 26th Ron Caudillo sent me a copy of his latest developments with his Original series Enterprise bridge. "I'm currently finishing up applying color in CorelDraw and hope to have a final build in about a week or two! I have redesigned the chairs and added some small updates here and there." Believe me, this will be worth the wait!

On the same day GB posted some photographs of his uncompleted Sovereign class (Enterprise-E), Defiant class and Sabre class starships. Perhaps most interestingly of all, they seem to be to scale to each other making the possibility of a diarama an interesting possibility.

And to cap it all off, on the last day of the month, Charles of Brasil has posted photos of his completed models on the Startrekpapermodels Smartgroup. These include his Enterprise-E which he posted in February on the Paper Model Designers Smartgroup (as I reported in February), an Enterprise refit (unless I miss my guess), Marc Robitaille's Klingon D-7 and a couple of shots of the Excelsior! His own design?