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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Trek in Paper: Apr 2005

07/04/05 - Digging through Bernd Schneider's Ex Astris Scientia Bridge Cutaways, I found a link to Gilso Star Trek Schematics. Man! Gerard Gillan's site has been down ages, I thought - but I tried it anyway and HALLELUJA BROTHERS! Gilso is back on line!
For those of you who haven't seen any of the drawings from this site - mostly by Gerard Gillan, some by other fans but many by Jackill (Eric Kristiansen) - you are in for a rare treat! In this computerised age these are almost unique in that they are real, pen-and-ink technical drawings. Made me want to blow the dust off my Rotring and go searching for me T-Square!

08/04/05 - Frank Johnson has put his Self-Sealing Stembolt on the papermodels smartgroup for free download. Now all I need is some gold pressed Latinum to buy it with!

10/04/05 - Pst! Want to make some quick Latinum, bud? Look in the Models folder of the PaperModels Smartgroup for the file "Alan, Downunda" where you'll find 12 strips of Latinum ... and tell them Kirok sent ya'

12/04/05 - Jon Leslie has posted a small 6" model of the Galaxy class, Enterprise 1501-D on his Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center eGiftShop. Designed by Erik J, this is the next step up-scale from The Haggard's Hako Enterprise-D on the cardmodels4fun SmartGroup. Still no more news of the Enterprise-D started by the Munificent Modeller Massamune last year

17/04/05 – Perhaps in thanks for helping him with his own models Billy Burgess is hosting a new Klingon D7 from Marc Robitaille on his web site Billys World.

28/04/05 - Mike Haggard has updated his collection of Phasers with the modified curved pistol grip for the Type II Phaser c.2371.


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