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Friday, February 25, 2005

Treknology in Paper, February 2005

02/02/05 - Billy81, who posts on the Star Trek & Other Scifi. Paper Models SmartGroup has been working hard over February to complete a Steamrunner class. A newcomer to papermodelling, he started with a hand-drawn model but on the 24th he posted a new model on his website. He has made it with pepakura designer, basing it on a 3D computer model - the first example I have heard of this being done with a Trek ship!

23/02/05 - Just when I thought it was going to be a quiet month we get a biggie - the Enterprise-E! Carlos from Brasil has posted a beautiful hand-drawn and coloured rendition of the ship from the last movies (First Contact to Nemesis). Carlos is another new talent to appear recently - amazing how he is able to get those complex curves without computer software! It is available on the Paper Model Designers Smartgroup along with an album of photos. Sharp eyes have spotted that not only does he have the models illuminated but there are photos of an Enterprise-D there as well! Expect big things from Brazil!

28/02/05 - In answer to a query on the Papermodels Smartgroup, Ron Caudillo has announced that he is working on a model of the Original Series Enterprise bridge which he expects to finish in about a month. Mention was also made of a Web article by Scott Pallack on CultTVman's SciFi Modelling. Ron gave us a beautiful interpretation of the original Enterprise 1701 which, when I went looking for it, I found was missing from it's old home and is now at the Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center Gift Shop in two acrobat files, instructions and model.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Treknology in Paper, January 2005

16/01/05 - Shun Pop has a new site however he is still not making his Star Trek & Star Wars paper models available because of copyright worries. (source - Ray Downunda - G'day cuz!)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


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